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Story Ideas please!

Thus far: Queen Beryl returned & is recruiting Villains to rule the Universe and Setsuna sent Serena a Dream/Vision, but I'm not sure of what yet, except for Rini-her & Darien's daughter as a 9-Month-Old baby, the Great Devourer's status & the Four Fang Blades. There's a list of Video Game Tunes I wantto use in it too. (Inbox me if u want the list)


I wish I'd Never "Grown Up" I wish I was still a baby, but born a girl named Ailani Usagi.
My mood: very cold

Silent Sensation

I have such desires, such as wanting to live as an adult baby girl named Ailani Usagi, that The people with who I live would never understand. Why? Because they don't know what it means to "Love" someone, because
If they "Love" u, it's for what they want u to be, not for what/who u r. If I try to explain that, they'll get mad & kill me, especially if I should mention that they're the reason I'm so Depressed I have this desire. Feel free to comment & give me suggestions please.

Creativity is Magic

The Power to Create is Magic that only a Chosen few were Selected to be born with. Those who follow their hearts.
Why is it that those who follow their hearts, those who-while they are the Strongest, are the most sensetive, those who deserve the most receive the least, and those who are Selfish are considered the most Selfish?!?
My mood: very cold

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