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The Power to Create is Magic that only a Chosen few were Selected to be born with. Those who follow their hearts.
Why is it that those who follow their hearts, those who-while they are the Strongest, are the most sensetive, those who deserve the most receive the least, and those who are Selfish are considered the most Selfish?!?
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Posted on 06:11PM on Mar 30th, 2013
Like myself, right? They never taught me what I need to know, they either: Toldme stories of their "AAncestors" (their PAST) or called me "Selfish" "Greedy" "Manipulative" Is it ANY wonder AT ALL that I can-Seemingly-do Nothing for myself??
Speaking of "The World rewards those who think for themselves, but it's Time to Change that" Is it Selfish thinking for yourself, when u have Dreams that others fail to realize u need their Help to make Realities??
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