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The Power to Create is Magic that only a Chosen few were Selected to be born with. Those who follow their hearts.
Why is it that those who follow their hearts, those who-while they are the Strongest, are the most sensetive, those who deserve the most receive the least, and those who are Selfish are considered the most Selfish?!?
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Posted on 05:54PM on Mar 30th, 2013
The heart that opens to the energies around them become the most sensitive, and living with that can be a challenge considering how insensitive others can be. This world rewards those who think for themselves first and it is time to change that. Those who are most sensitive deserve more attention.
Posted on 06:11PM on Mar 30th, 2013
Like myself, right? They never taught me what I need to know, they either: Toldme stories of their "AAncestors" (their PAST) or called me "Selfish" "Greedy" "Manipulative" Is it ANY wonder AT ALL that I can-Seemingly-do Nothing for myself??
Speaking of "The World rewards those who think for themselves, but it's Time to Change that" Is it Selfish thinking for yourself, when u have Dreams that others fail to realize u need their Help to make Realities??
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